Branch Meetings

Branch meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm
At Pontyclun Rugby Club, Llantrisant Rd
CF72 9DQ


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The events in the following calendar are provisional and may be subject to change. Please check closer to the date and before embarking on a long journey.

Events for 2018

Rideouts will be the Sunday after each branch meeting (except for December). The destination will be decided at the branch meeting and will be announced on Facebook and an email will be sent to all members that the secrertary has email addresses for. If you would like notification then please contact the secretary and let him have your email address. If you have a desire to have the rideout go to a location or event that you are particularly fond of then please let us know in plenty of time.

Ad hoc rideouts can be arranged at any time by posting to Facebook. The secretary can email all members about the rideout if notified.

The Branch AGM will be held on 21st February. This is a members only meeting.
Date Event Notes
17th January 2018 Branch meeting  
20th January 2018 139th anniversary parade commemorating Rorke's Drift, Llantarnam  
21st February 2018 Branch meeting AGM Members only. Come along and have a say in how the branch is run.
25th February 2018 Rideout  
21st March 2018 Branch meeting  
25th March 2018 Rideout  
14th - 15th April 2018 Prescott Bike Fest in aid of Blood bikes Prescott Bike Fest 2018 info
18th April 2018 Branch meeting  
22nd April 2018 Rideout  
16th May 2018 Branch meeting  
20th May 2018 Rideout  
20th June 2018 Branch meeting  
24th june 2018 Rideout  
18th July 2018 Branch meeting  
22nd July 2018 Rideout  
15th August 2018 Branch meeting  
19th August 2018 Rideout  
21st - 24th September 2018 HOC National Rally Golden Sands Holiday Park, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
19th September 2018 Branch meeting  
23rd September 2018 Rideout  
6th October 2018 Ride to the wall (11th Anniversary) Ride to the Wall info
17th October 2018 Branch meeting  
21st October 2018 Rideout  
28th October 2018 HOC AGM at the National Motorcycle Museum Come and have your say in how the club is run.
21st November 2018 Branch meeting  
25th November 2018 Rideout  
TBC December 2018 Christmas party  ?? Date To be decided
16th December 2018 Rideout To Bethlehem
19th December 2018 Branch meeting This will be a social event with food. Open to all who care to come along.

Please contact the secretary before embarking on a long journey to ascertain if the event is still taking place.

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